Fitness & Yoga


Have you taken the Learn to Paddleboard class?  Are you looking to get out and practice your paddling skills, be social and get some exercise?  YES?  Then the SUP FIT is perfect for you! Join us for weekly paddling for fun and fitness.  These 1.5 – 2 hour, on water, group paddle-boarding sessions will allow participants to practice paddling skills and get in a core body workout.  A trained Guide will provide the travel plan or paddling area for the group based on skill level plus tides/currents/weather conditions.  The paddle for fitness session does not include beginner instruction.  The Guide is there to lead the group travel, provide safety guidance and some skills feedback.  Participants must have already successfully completed the Learn to Paddleboard class before joining any Paddle for Fitness session.  Mid-day Power SUP or afterwork Sunset SUP options.

Paddleboard Yoga

Open your heart, calm your mind and connect to the natural flow of life with Paddleboard Yoga on the Hudson River.  The added challenge of practicing Asana on the water can enhance the normal core body Yoga workout.  Maintaining stability on a paddleboard not only provides a better understanding of proper alignment but can provide a much greater awareness of balance and more significant level of focus during the practice.  The connection of breath to movement aligns itself with the ebb and flow of the sea.  Many metaphors and much personal learning can be drawn from a water-based practice including staying present, sitting with instability and change, overcoming fear and finding your own resilience.  The outdoor setting can provide respite from the city as well as a greater, more compassionate connection between mind, body, sea, sky, humanity and the universe, perhaps even our larger purpose.

This Level 1 Paddleboard Yoga class involves both Hatha and Vinyassa techniques.  The class includes a paddling warm up.  After the warmup, the group will then “clip in” to anchor points to create a floating, on water, yoga studio.  The class will take place at anchor in a protected embayment with views of Manhattan.  There is no experience necessary, just readiness to try something new or take your yoga practice to another level.